I grew up in Glendale, California and have always been surrounded by Armenians. My neighbors were Armenian, my classmates were Armenian and even my doctor was Armenian (we shared the same name). I didn't realize how strange my situation was until I moved across the country to go to college in New Haven, Connecticut where no one is Armenian and no one can pronounce my name. My identity had always been a natural, passive experience, but suddenly I was forced to ask myself what it meant to be Armenian in a new space. The following photos are a part of a small project I started for a Photography course taken at the Yale School of Art. The photos explore our collective Armenian identity and showcase the subtle ways we, as Armenians, incorporate our identities into our daily lives. Thank you to Kris, Kohar, Arthur, Artin, Ani, Serena and Narek for both their kindness and willingness to be apart of this project. 


Watertown, MA.

New Haven, CT.